Outdoor Trip Reports & Ideas

Galatea and Lillian Lakes Hike in Kananaskis

This is one of my favourite hikes. It takes you through a canyon to two alpine lakes and a mountain pass. Find out more about the Galatea creek trail.

Best larch forest hikes in Alberta's mountains

In the early fall, alpine larch trees turn yellow, a brief, and exciting time of year in the mountains. The yellow colour creates a bright forest atmosphere amid the snowy and rocky mountain landscap

The Cougar Creek to Exshaw mountain route

The Cougar Creek to Exshaw mountain route is a great remote adventure in the busy summer months. Read our trip report about hiking this off trail route.

Hiking Mount Allan Centennial Trail in Kananaskis

The Mount Allan Centennial trail is a long alpine ridge in Kananaskis, Alberta. This hike is big on views! Find out more about the trail and when to go.

Berg Lake Trail Hike

The Berg Lake hiking trail is a world-famous backpacking trail in BC. The views of Mount Robson are spectacular! Read our trip report of hiking the Berg Lake trail in BC.

Hiking in Kaua'i

The island of Kaua'i is well known for it's hiking trails. Explore the many areas and get tips for hiking Kaua'i. Also, can you hike to the highest point?

The best hiking on Hawaii's Garden Island: Kaua'i

Kaua’i is special because of the large amount of hiking trails on the island. The other islands definitely have some good hiking trails, but hikes are not concentrated in other islands like they are

Kayak vs. Canoe: which is better for you?

The canoe vs kayak, which is better? Explore when you may want to kayak and when to canoe, and which watercraft is better for you.

Canoeing the Yukon River

A beautiful way to experience Canada's North this summer is to canoe the many rivers and lakes in the Yukon Territory. The Yukon river, the longest river in either Yukon or Alaska, is a great paddle a

Learn river classifications

If you've ever spent some time on rivers, you know that whitewater is rated from  Class 1 through 6 to identify it's degree of difficulty.  Increasing classes of river mean increased skill required