Pawzing Workout for Black Bear Encounter in Fort McMurray, Alberta

These two trail runners in Fort MacMurray, Alberta, got the run of their lives when they were briefly followed by what appears to be a very curious, and perhaps a little playful black bear.These t

Cars vs. Cyclist - cyclist almost gets away unscratched

In this Cars vs. Cyclist POV video the rider has a number of near misses but at the very end of the video he isn't so lucky. It's amazing how the drivers completely fail to notice the cyclist! If you

Snowshoe Hare with a death wish

This time lapse video taken by Alberta Parks shows a snowshoe hare who is quite obsessed about an area near a particular "rub" tree.A large number of carnivores, that frequently dine on snowshoe h

Avalanche hits skier in scary helmet cam video

The skier in this video captures footage as how he skied into an avalanche that he released. Luckily, Eric Hjorleifson, who remotely triggered an avalanche as he started skiing down a pillow line, di

Glacier the size of Manhattan breaks off in Greenland

This is from the movie Chasing Ice, by American director Jeff Orlowski.  This clip shows as they caputure a glacier calving - a glacier the size of Manhattan, an area over 80 square

How to survive a free solo fall

This climber is lucky to escape with minor injuries after falling off a cliff he was free soloing. Climber Mike already had been up this route several times that day, a 5.9 called "Grab Your Balls," l

Video of Gear popping Trad Climbing fall

This video of a trad climbing lead fall is taken from the climbers' perspective, who was climbing with a helmet camera.  Watch the climber in the video take a pretty serious 'whipper' which pops him

Without saying anything this short film will leave you speechless

This short film clip is from the documentary movie Samsara.

Mammut Albaron Jacket Video Review

My original albaron jacket was bought in fall of 2011, it was a medium size and bright blue. I used it for two full seasons for summer mountaineering, spring scrambling, winter and spring skiing both