North Face Metropolis Review – Women’s Parka

The North Face Womens Metropolis Parka

I live in a place where their is snow at least six months out of the year. Thus, I need something that will keep me warm when there is a blizzard brewing outside. I recently came across this parka from North Face called the Metropolis. The minute I saw it online I knew I needed to have it. The longer style is chic, but essential for heavy winters. The hood, chin guard, and snap closures are also a great addition for me to keep the cold at bay.

I think what I like most about this parka is that it is slimming even for a puffer jacket. I can wear layers underneath it, and I do not get too hot either. I do not end up looking like the Michelin Man which is what I am always afraid of with big winter jackets. The Metropolis parka is a must for anyone who has ever wanted a puffer, but stayed away out of fear. It has the perfect mix of insulation and padding to make you warm without looking like Sasquatch.

It is the perfect jacket for anyone who likes to remain as fashionable as possible despite the cold weather.


  • The Adjustable Detachable Hood – This hood is ideal for anyone who likes to change up their look. It protects you should you need it, but it can be taken off if you do not want to bother with it.
  • Chin Guard – This brushed chin guard lining is a unique feature. It will keep your neck and chin comfortable and warm even in freezing temperatures.
  • Inside Pockets – There is a great pocket located inside the jacket that is perfect for storing things like keys or credit cards.


  • 7 colors to choose from. This was hard, but I settled on the “Baroque Purple.”
  • 600 fill down insulation means you are not getting cold.


  • The hood is detachable which is nice, but I find it annoying. I feel like the wind can slip through the crevices. I have not had a problem yet, but I am a little leery. I think I may just leave it off.


  • 22.5 oz (637 g)

Caring for your Metropolis Jacket

  • Before washing, pre-treat stains and heavy dirt.
  • Close all zippers.
  • Machine wash separately with mild, bleach-free powder detergent.
  • Run jacket on rinse cycle twice if necessary.
  • Dry 25-30 minutes on medium heat and then reduce heat to low until completely dry.
  • Do not dry-clean.

Where to buy The North Face Women’s Metropolis Jacket

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Review Author:  Taylor R.

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