REI Garage Sale Dates – 2018

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Are you wondering when the next REI Garage Sale is taking place in your city?

2018 REI Garage Sale dates:
Last sale was on June 9th, 2018. 

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The REI Garage sale happens at most REI stores (In stores only), for one day only, and only for co-op members. Quantities limited and items sold as is. All sales final.

Some of the cities with REI stores running the sale include: Denver, Seattle,  Austin, Boulder, Portland, Bellingham, Huston, Atlanta, Salt Lake City:  

Last year’s  REI Garage sale was on December 30th, 2017. 

Original Post:

Garage Sale will take place at All REI stores except for Soho, Santa Barbara, Silverdale, Bloomington, East Hanover, and San Diego.

*Some stores have on-going used gear sales so they do not hold garage sales.

This means that Denver, Seattle, Austin, Boulder, Bellingham, Huston, Atlanta, Boulder, Portland and other large REI stores will be having this garage sale.

Description from REI Page:

The REI Garage Sale is a semi annual event where REI Members are invited to shop through our inventory of Scratch & Dent merchandise. Anybody can attend the Garage Sales but in order to make a purchase one must be all ready or must become an REI Member.

Event Details: The order of entry will be determined on a first come basis. The evening before the sale we will post signs to indicate where the line will begin. If you arrive when the stores open please expect to wait one to two hours as we can only allow a limited number of people to shop the sale at a given time.

In stores only. All items sold as is. Quantities limited. All sales final.

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