Sherpa Movie - Trouble on Everest

On the heels of recent clashes between sherpas and climbers Sherpa - Trouble on Everest explores everest climbing from Sherpas perspective.

Close with a Huge Brown Bear under a Backyard Deck

This guy had the ultimate surprise when he discovered this huge brown bear was using his back deck as a napping area.It must have been an intense experience, even while watching the video, when th

Trail Runner Scares Cougar Away with Bear Spray

It's not often and very unusual that cougars, also known as mountain lions, stalk adults, but trail runner Donny Stone was unfortunate enough to have this experience in Northern Alberta. He was runnin

Is nature right for you? Watch this video!

This spoof made in the format of a prescription drug commercial will make you smile.  Nature Rx offers two remedies for whatever ails you: laughs and nature.Side effects may include: confidence,

Grizzly Bear in Yellowstone Investigates Car

There are lots of bear encounter videos captured in Yellowstone National Park, and this one is no exception.Earlier this month, this grizzly bear came right up to this car and took a good look ins

New Backpacking Movie 'A Walk in the Woods' on Hiking the AT

This new movie, staring Robert Redford and Nick Nolte star in this movie based on a memoir on hiking the Appalachian trail. The movie, based on the memoir written by Bill Bryson, is the long awaited

Osprey Kode 32 Backpack Review

Great size for short tours to longer one day backcountry missions.In this video I review the popular Kode 32 Ski / Snowboard pack from Osprey Packs

While the Hikers are Away, The Animals Will Play

See how the animals take advantage of a human-free trail and use it for an easy travel route shown in this cool time lapse video.This time lapse video from a trail camera in

Skier Triggers Avalanche and Rides it out - Video

This amazing footage was captured by the skier on his GoPro camera. This incident happened February 15, 2015 in Banff National Park.The skier triggered an avalanche classified as size 2, at appr

Will Gadd climbs frozen Niagara Falls

On January 27, 2015 professional ice climber Will Gadd climbed the frozen Niagara Falls.Lots of people have gone down the falls, but Gadd is the first person to go up them, at least legally. Watch