New eco-clothing brand Outerknown by surf legend Kelly Slater

New eco-clothing brand Outerknown is developed by surf legend Kelly Slater. Outerknown asks, do you know how your clothing is made?

REI Gives back to National Parks

REI has recently launched an entire National Park collection with a portion of sales being donated to the National Parks. The collection of outdoor gear and clothing includes shoes, water bottles, bac

Learn river classifications

If you've ever spent some time on rivers, you know that whitewater is rated from  Class 1 through 6 to identify it's degree of difficulty.  Increasing classes of river mean increased skill required

We're re-branding to Life Outdoors

We're re-branding our site from to We're excited about the change to this name which will better and more accurately reflect our outdoor-centric focus!

Shipping cut off days for holiday orders 2017

Here are a few shipping cut off days for some select outdoor gear merchants. If you order by the following dates, your gifts are guaranteed to arrive by December 24. 

Adventurer makes the longest open-kayak crossing over the Atlantic

Aleksander Doba crosses the Atlantic for the third time at age 71, making him one of the three people to ever complete such a crossing. And he did it three times! Find out more about his adventure her

REI Used Gear Garage Sale

REI just announced used gear swaps at select REI locations on June 9th, 2018. I agree with them - used gear deserves a second life. Check to see if there is a gear sale in your city or shop for used

Finding wild spaces in busy summer tourist areas in the parks

This summer is Canada's 150th birthday - and we have free access to our National Parks this year. This means Parks are busier, but you can still get out and find solitude, find out how!

9 Cool Facts About Mountains

Mountains have captured people’s imaginations since the beginning of time. Ancient Tibetans believed gods lived on every mountain top. And modern-day hikers, climbers and tourists throughout the wor

Plains Bison reintroduced to Banff National Park

On February 1, 2017, plains bison were successfully reintroduced to Banff National Park after a 140-150 year absence. Read the story as to why it's so historically important for conservation, and find