We’re re-branding to Life Outdoors

We’re re-branding our website from BC25.com to LifeOutdoors.com! Earlier this year, we decided to finally change our name that more accurately reflects our outdoor-centric focus. We managed to secure a new domain, LIfeOutdoors.com, and have been slowly working implementing the site!

Our site still looks and functions the same, but over the next few months, it’ll have an updated look that will be easier to use, and will have even more blogs, gear reviews, trip reports and articles for you. We’ll still feature coupons and sales, as well as gear reviews, outdoor trip reports, gear highlights, and more outdoor related news and articles.

What’s new?

The URL has changed to LifeOutdoors.com, but everything else looks the same. We plan to change our look in the next few months which will be more user friendly, and allow us to feature high quality content, such as gear reviews, outdoor trip reports, new gear highlights and more outdoor news.

What’s next?

The look of our website will change, but our pages will still feature our helpful articles, reviews, blogs and coupons. The URL has simply changed from BC25.com to LifeOutdoors.com, but the BC25.com address still works, and will re-direct you to our new pages.

You can continue to use the site the same as before. 

Stay tuned for our new updated look, which will include a new logo we are very excited about! 




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