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How to experience the world while isolated at home

Wanderlust is a state of mind. Revel in the excitement of dreaming, planning and researching.

How to prevent and treat hypothermia

Preventing hypothermia is a real consideration for us in the mountains

How to layer with your down jacket

A down jacket is one of the most coveted and practical items of our outdoor gear. Find out how to properly layer with your down jacket.

Kayak vs. Canoe: which is better for you?

The canoe vs kayak, which is better? Explore when you may want to kayak and when to canoe, and which watercraft is better for you.

Ten things every backcountry skier or rider should know

You can learn these important facts of safe and efficient backcountry travel. Most important are common sense, mountain sense, good partners, a good attitude and an openness to learning. 

How to plan your kayak trip to Gwaii Haanas National Park Preserve

If you've read our article about kayaking in Gwaii Haanas, you'll definitely be interested in how to plan your trip into the park.  Read our advice for planning the perfect kayak trip in Gwaii Haanas

Why you need a sleeping bag liner

A sleeping bag liner can help you extend your camping season. It will increase the temperature rating of your sleeping bag and extend it's life. Find out why you should get a sleeping bag liner.

Finding wild spaces in busy summer tourist areas in the parks

This summer is Canada's 150th birthday - and we have free access to our National Parks this year. This means Parks are busier, but you can still get out and find solitude, find out how!

Campsite cooking: the perfect 3 day camping meal ideas

Care to give your outdoor cooking a little extra excitement? Our meal plan gives you a set menu you can use when camping for 3 days, two nights. This is the perfect weekend meal plan.

Weather fronts in the mountains

Why is weather always more violent in the mountains? Find out how weather systems and weather fronts create turbulent mountain conditions.