All new Baselayers at Patagonia: Merino Air New Gear Highlight

In the market for a new baselayer? Patagonia has been making baselayers for years. The baselayers are available in four distinct fits and weights, and within each weight there are a number of styles to choose from.

There are three types of weights, and a daily weight made for everyday, urban use: thermal weight, mid weight and lightweight baselayers now have a more streamlined fit, similar to Patagonia’s other slim fit clothing items.  Daily weight baselayers, good for everyday wear are a more relaxed, regular fit,.

New features include specialized seams to prevent chafing, full underarm gussets for mobility, “Polygiene” for permanent, natural odour control, thumb loops on the wrists, drop tail – slightly longer below where your hips are, makes for easier tucking in and will not ride up.

Capilene and Merino, are available in three weights: thermal, heavy, mid and light as well as daily.  These are Patagonia’s synthetic layers, which are still 30-100% recycled polyester.

Now introducing Patagonia’s Latest: Merino Air

Merino Air fabric showing detail

Merino Air fabric showing detail

These are the latest offering from Patagonia. Merino air is a new fabric designed to encompass the benefits of polyester (Patagonia uses the Capilene for their polyester) and merino wool. Polyester is used to provide extra durability and quicker drying, while merino wool provides the usual benefits or better odour control, softer feel and warm when wet qualities. The breakthrough method is created when Capilene polyester is spun with merino wool.

Revolutionary seamless construction, minimal textile waste, proprietary exploded yarn, as always, sustainably raised merino wool.  The wool for each garment is then treated using an innovative air-jet process that creates yarn of greater loft and insulation value than conventionally spun wool. The result is a supremely soft, stretchy fabric.

The thick weave, zig zag patters creates an uneven surface and allows more breathability.

Very breathable, super stretchy and 49% PCR polyester for durability and performance, and Patagnoia’s same, legendary commitment to sustainability. The merino wool is sourced from sheep in Southern Argentina that graze in a manner that doesn’t cause overuse of threatened grassland in the region. The process allows the grass to grow back before it’s grazed on again, protecting the resource.

Can’t wait to try out this layer! A new product line will come out in the fall featuring heavier layers and long underwear, so stay tuned.

The usual popular baselayers from Patagonia include Capilene and merino wool – here is some information about these lines. The merino air line will have similar designs in the line-up.

The Capilene 3 Zip-T for women

The Capilene 3 Zip-T for women


Thermal weight Capilene Hoody

  • the warmest, most breathable layer with minimal bulk
  • 30-92% recycled polyester
  • made with Polartec Powergrid, bluesign approved fabric

Mid weight Capilene Zip Neck

  • a very versatile baselayer with a broad comfort range
  • made of 93% recycled polyester
  • bluesign approved fabric
  • Polygiene odor control
  • Proprietary Polartec Powergrid, a specially designed weave on the fabric
  • Offset seams are designed to lie smooth under a pack, staying out of the way and minimizing chaffin

Capilene Light weight Crew

  • the lightest of all, and most breathable in the Capilene collection
  • made of 100% recycled polyester
  • bluesign approved fabric
  • fastest drying, best wicking, 35 UPF sun protection



Capilene Daily Baselayer

  • great for everyday, made of 35% recycled polyester
  • fair trade certified, the most stretchy of all layers, and a relaxed fit
  • 50 UPF sun protection
Men's Patagonia Merino 2 LW Zip-neck

Men’s Patagonia Merino 2 LW Zip-neck


Patagonia’s merino wool is sustainably sourced from the grasslands of Patagonia. Also comes in four weights:

Thermal Weight Merino Zip Neck

  • Warmest merino layer with 80% chorine-free merino wool and 20% recycled polyester Capilene
  • Merino wool is naturally odour resistant
  • Merrow seams minimize chaffing

Mid Weight Merino Hoody

  • Most versatile base layer, chlorine free merino wool
  • Made of 20% Capilene for improved durability, naturally breathable
  • Naturally odour resistant, double layer hood

Light weight merino

  • Lightest, most breathable merino baselayer
  • 35% recycled Capilene for durability
  • Sustainably sourced, odour resistant, chlorine free

Daily merino

  • Everyday merino baselayer, regular fit, easygoing daily use
  •  Fair trade certified, naturally odour resistant

Where to buy

Patagonia baselayers are available at the Patagonia store.  You can also check prices and availability using our gear finder, for base layers, or more specifically for merino and merino air items.

More on Merino

Also learn how to layer your baselayer and how to take care of it, too.



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