Gear Highlight: Beer on the Go

If you’re a beer lover, you know that beer and the outdoors go very well together.  The nicest thing in the world is finishing an epic day of skiing, hiking, climbing – and drinking a cold beer!

Last year, at the Outdoor Retailers trade show in Salt Lake City, Bend, Oregon based company Hydro Flask unveiled their beer flasks. This company has been making insulating beverage containers for years. Their water bottles can keep your water cool for 24 hours!

But Bend is a land of beer lovers so it’s no wonder that they would create a bottle specifically made to hold beer. They have two unique offerings which we really like.

Hydro Flask 64 ounce Beer Growler, $55

Hydro Flask Lake Superior 64 Ounce Wide Mouth. Available for $57.99 at

Hydro Flask Lake Superior 64 Ounce Wide Mouth. Available for $24.99 at

There is nothing worse than cold beer – and this growler aims to end the days of spoiled microbrew. The growler features double wall insulation that keeps the liquid cool for a full day and resists condensation on the outside of the bottle.  This means you can store this bottle in with your clothes without worrying about getting them wet.  The secure cap seals in the fizz so your beer won’t go flat.

The bottle is heavy, at 787 g before you add liquid – so it’s not really made for backcountry camping. But you can leave it in your car after a big day out, or take it car or boat camping.  And for those non-beer drinkers, you can also use this bottle to store lemonade, pop, or use it to keep coffee hot!  Since it’s insulated, it does both jobs well, making it perfect for summer and winter.

Hydro Flask 16 ounce True Pint, $22

Hydro Flask 16 Ounce True Pint Glass. Available for $21.99 at

Hydro Flask 16 Ounce True Pint Glass. Available for $21.99 at

Beer always tastes better from a mug or glass, hence this pint glass.  At 16 ounces volume, is not really a true pint. But at 16 ounces is the perfect volume for emptying a can allowing some extra room for foam. The glass has no metallic taste and keeps your beverage cold the whole time you’re drinking it.

Where to Buy

This line of Hydro Flasks are available at several retailers including Hydro Flasks at

Here are the best prices from reputable sellers for the Hydro Flask Growler and the Hydro Flask True Pint.

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