Pawzing Workout for Black Bear Encounter in Fort McMurray, Alberta

These two trail runners in Fort MacMurray, Alberta, got the run of their lives when they were briefly followed by what appears to be a very curious, and perhaps a little playful black bear.

These two were filming their workout, and had the foresight to keep their cameras on while being followed.  If you watch the video to the end you can see how close this encounter is to town and how frightened these two got during the episode.

What happened?

Bruce Allan and Greg Armour were on a run on the Matcheetawin trails near town on June 5. The bear followed the two for several minutes, and basically got in front of them and cut them off at one point.  They were ready for the bear to pounce on them any minute.

A solid reminder to always venture in these parts with bear spray.  This encounter happened only 3 kilometers from a fatal bear attack back in May.  A Suncor employee was killed while on her way back to work from the washroom.



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