Skier Triggers Avalanche and Rides it out – Video

wava avalanche

This amazing footage was captured by the skier on his GoPro camera. This incident happened February 15, 2015 in Banff National Park.

The skier triggered an avalanche classified as size 2, at approximately 1:36pm Feb 15, 2015 on a NW aspect of Wawa Ridge. The slope was approximately 45°, and was 1000 meters wide, and ran for 250 meters.  The first skier skied the slope without incident and went to a safe spot to watch his friend ski the slope.

The second skier jumped onto the slope from a 10 foot high cornice, and that extra force triggered the slide.  This skier was caught in the avalanche but managed to ski without incident!

Wawa Ridge is a backcountry ski area close to the Sunshine Village ski area.

He is one lucky skier and we’re all glad that no one was not hurt in this incident. A close call.



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